Motor selection for AGV

Halil Yakisan
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Motor selection for AGV

Postby Halil Yakisan » Tue Feb 06, 2018 11:36 pm

Hi OM tech support,

I have the project about AGV.

I try to find out suitable BLDC motor but I cannot. Could you help me?

Request specification:
- Load: 1000kg
- AGV weight: 150kg
- Speed: 1m/s
- 2 wheel drived
- 4 free wheel
- Gear mounted on the motor

Please find attached my calculataion.

I use your software for sizng. I need 2motor wtih their gear to mount it to my agv.

If there isn't any suitable motor? (DC or AC for AGV)
Thanks for your support.
AGV - Automatic Guided Vehicle Sizing Tool 2.pdf
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Re: Motor selection for AGV

Postby om_tech_support_JS » Wed Feb 07, 2018 8:21 am

Hi Halil,

In regards to your post, unfortunately, there is no BLDC motor that can meet the required speed and torque specifications for this application. In order to meet the torque, a 200:1 gear ratio option was needed. With this gearing, the max speed was 18 RPM. If you were to switch over to a 4 wheel drive system, then you would still run into issues. Going with this route would mean that a 100:1 gear ratio option would be considered for the torque requirement. This option still does not offer the speed that you require. (Furthermore, the speed which you had: 50 m/min, does not match the 1 m/s speed that you stated. Instead it would need to be 60 m/min which would mean that you would require 95.54 RPM from the motor). With the 100:1 gearing option, not only is the speed not reached, but the inertia requirement would also not be satisfied.

For these reasons, unfortunately there is not a product that can be recommended for this AGV application.

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