SCX11 Event Output

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SCX11 Event Output

Postby om_tech_support_JT » Mon May 18, 2015 5:56 pm

Q: I'm planning to purchase a SCX11 universal controller to control a DG series rotary actuator and driver which is also from you. I need to make sure it will do the job before I can purchase it confidently. In my deburring application, I need to start motion, then have your DG driver output a signal to another device to start its operation when the load on the DG reaches a certain speed. Can I do this with the SCX11?

A: Yes. I would suggest that you take a look at our Event Output command. For this command, there are 3 event triggers: time after move, move distance from motion start, and reaching speed set point.

T: Trigger n seconds after motion start; n=0 to 500 (second)
D: Trigger after moving distance n from motion start; n=-MAXPOS to +MAXPOS (user units)
V: Trigger after reaching speed set point n; n=0.001 to MAXVEL (user units/second)

This is on PAGE 249 of the SCX11 operating manual: ... 60080E.pdf

>OUT1=0;OUT2=0 #Set the output to the opposite direction of the event occurring
>EV1 OUT2=1 V=10 #Turn ON output 2 when reach speed of 10 user units/second
EV1 OUT2=1 V=10
>EV2 OUT1=1 T=2 #Turn on output 1 2 seconds after motion starts
EV2 OUT1=1 T=2
>MCP #Execute a continuous move in the positive direction
>OUT1=0;OUT2=0 #Reset output#1 and #2
>EV1 0; EV2 0 #Clear events number 1 and 2

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