Using 2 MEXE02 windows to program 2 Flex products?

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Using 2 MEXE02 windows to program 2 Flex products?

Postby om_tech_support_JT » Tue May 12, 2015 10:24 am

Q: In my laboratory application, I will need to synchronize two axis of motion from my PC. I noticed that you offer a MEXE02 GUI software for the AR series and it offers a test operation which seems to be sufficient for what I'm doing. Can I open two windows from MEXE02 to operate two AR series motors in test mode at the same time?

A: Unfortunately, the MEXE02 can only support communicating to one product at a time. It will allow you to open 2 windows, but it won't let you open 2 test operation windows at the same time because test operation require constant communication between the MEXE02 and the AR driver. MEXE02 does not support 2-axis linear interpolation (moving 2 axes at the same time to a target position). If you try to open 2 test operation windows, the following error would occur, "Could not enable the teaching remote operation. The other window is communicating." Your other option would be to use our EMP402 dual-axis motion controller with AR series pulse input type models, but it uses HyperTerminal or TerraTerm for programming and communication. 2-axis linear interpolation is possible through using the EMP with a terminal software. However, they're ASCII-based terminal software; not GUI like the MEXE02. Another alternative is to find 3rd party software to work with our products such as LabView or a PLC software. This would be possible through RS-485/Modbus RTU integration with our AR series stored data models or any of our stored data products.

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